8 Mayıs 2009 Cuma

!!!!!!! HELLO !!!!!!!!

          !!!!! Hello , Merhaba !!!!!

Bende aranıza katıldım Blogger de.Bu sitede yaptığım Telkırma sanatının örneklerini sunacağım sizlere.

Bu Yaptığım bir İndia Shiva Tablosu.Bu Tablo  Gümüş ve Bakır Tellerle  Kumaş üzerine yapıldı.

This site I will show examples of my art I Telkırma

Handmade.Let me explain the handicraft I exercise briefly: I exercise a handicraft which is called “TELKIRMA” in Turkey. This handicraft has been exercised for nearly 300 years in Turkey. Wires made of copper and silver are used. The design is drawn on the cloth and then, with copper or silver wires it is worked on. It requires a heavy effort. I make tableaus, tablecloths and somentabla with this embroidery. I also do the same embroidery for Islam calligraphy on clothes or surfaces like that. I have been exercising this handicraft for 15 year willingly. I sell the things I’ve worked on.

My Handiwork.This is  İndia Shiva Tableau.My handicraft name is TELKIRMA.